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Facilitating individuals and couples to self-empower and work towards healing and wellness.

Psychology is a very broad field of practice and is forever growing in its quest to deepen understanding of the human emotional, psychological and relational processes.

Webb Lin is a registered psychologist who is committed to working with individuals and couples at these levels to help restore a more functional level of health and balance in life. Webb integrates a number of dialogical, body-oriented and neuroscience knowledge to work with:

⦁ Mood difficulties (e.g. depression)
⦁ Anxiety (general or specific)
⦁ Unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns
⦁ Grief and loss
⦁ Self-esteem
⦁ Trauma-related difficulties
⦁ Communication for conflict de-escalation
⦁ Relationship difficulties in intimate, family & workplace contexts
⦁ Spiritual and life direction challenges

The list of issues may seem different and exclusive of each other. However, the underpinning factors that manifest these challenges may have similar sources of grief, trauma and emotional pain which may not have been worked through adequately enough such that they continue to trouble individuals and relationships.